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J & D have been traveling to scenic destinations, both nationally and internationally, for over 35 years. The photographs and stories concern the adventures we have had during our travels, plus tips and advice for those going to the same destination.  We travel alone and participate in as many activities as possible: trekking, hiking, biking, snorkeling, skiing and kayaking. 

It is adventure travel in the sense of being outside your comfort zone.  It is about experiencing a place at a deeper level than can be obtained through the window of a tour bus.  Things don’t always go as planned, but sometimes the worst experiences make the best stories.

We make our own travel arrangements and avoid group travel whenever possible to insure maximum freedom and flexibility.  We have slept in tents, ryokans, and even a yurt. We eat where the locals eat and use public transportation whenever possible. 

This blog is about average people traveling at average prices to exotic locations.   All you need is a sense of adventure.

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