Dali Museum – Day 14

We ransomed our car from the parking garage and arrived in Figueres about 45 minutes later.  I went down some streets that didn’t seem wide enough for a car and parked in a garage where the spaces appeared to be marked for large motorcycles instead of cars.  It was my birthday and I got my first legal senior citizen discount, although they did card me.  The Dali museum was designed by Dali himself and the building is as much part of the display as the works inside. None of the works had titles or explanations on them.  It was Dali’s theory that you should already be familiar with his work before coming to look at it.  The museum literature advised:  “we recommend you not to follow a preconceived route. Despite this, one has been laid out. It does not have, nor does it wish to have, any systematic function nor chronological sense.” It was amazing, but crowded. We stayed an hour and a half, had lunch and headed for Costa Brava, last stop on the adventure.

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