Hawaii – Part 3

Last Day in Kona

On Saturday we returned to Two Step and spent the entire day snorkeling. It had the best snorkeling we had found so far on the island. In fact, it also far exceeds any snorkeling we have found since, including  in Bermuda or The Galapagos, in terms of both quantity of fish and quality of equipment. Small coronetfish, triggerfish, and butterflyfish in all colors swam about in giant schools. Larger, yet still colorful fish swam slowly and a little deeper. We ventured out further than the last time and began to see a few sharks.  Suddenly the ocean bottom dropped completely out of sight.  It was an eerie feeling and mindful of what happens when you stare into the abyss, I headed back towards shore where there were more fish.  Then it was time to pack and get ready for next day’s drive to Volcano National Park (VNP).  It was hard to imagine anything topping the amazing day at Makalawena Beach, but it was a lifelong dream of mine to visit a volcano and the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory was predicting a decent amount of activity.

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