Grafton Notch State Park

We set off to Grafton Notch State Park in Newry, Maine to hike the Eyebrow Trail, stopping at the Hannafords in Bethel for some supplies.  Arriving at the trailhead J discovered that her wallet was no longer with her. We searched the truck, then all our backpacks, then the truck again with no luck. Assuming it fell out at the grocery story, we tried to call them, but there was no cell signal. Nothing to do but hike and check for it on the way home. 

Eyebrow Trail

The Eyebrow Trail goes pretty much straight up the mountain– no switchbacks here. Some cables helped through the steepest part. Two dogs kept pace with us, running back occasionally to check on their owners.  At the slabby section we crossed with the help of the iron rungs, water rushing under our feet and wondering how the dogs would ever cross this section.  Suddenly they arrived and ran across like it was their job. 

We arrived at the eyebrow and got this fantastic shot of Grafton Notch.  Stopped for lunch and then hopped on the Appalachian Trail (AT) for the return trip.  The upper section had several feet of snow and going back down was actually harder than going up.  Several sections came close to Cascade Falls, which was really ripping from the snow melt. The 12 miles of AT in Grafton Notch is said to be one of the most challenging sections of the entire trail.   The total distance was 2.2 miles, but it felt like we hiked 5 miles. It took about 3 hours, including lunch break.

Cascade Falls

Stopped at Hannafords on the way home – no wallet had been returned. We searched the parking lot and grass. No wallet. Went back to the cabin and checked all of our accounts on line, nothing stolen yet.  The next morning there was a message on our answering machine back in CT from someone that had found it. J called him and it turned out he had found it while biking. Interestingly enough he worked at the Hannafords up in Rumford.  We detoured up there on our way home.  All the credit cards and license were still inside, but several hundred dollars of cash was gone.  It was obvious from the condition of the wallet and cards that someone had removed the cash and then thrown it out of their car window.  J offered him a reward, which he was reluctant to take, until she told him to donate it to a worthy cause.  He accepted the money and next day texted us that he had used the money to pay some one’s electric bill. As a bonus, I got this video of Rumford Falls on the way home.

Rumford Falls

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