Androscoggin Canoe River Trail – Gilead’s Bridge to Newt’s Landing

Quick Facts

  • Androscoggin Canoe River Trail – Gilead’s Bridge to Newt’s Landing
  • 7-8 Miles (depends on how many islands you go around)
  • 4 Leisurely Hours
  • July 10, 2020

Put In

We arrived at camp late on Thursday night, just ahead of tropical storm Faye, which was due to hit Maine on Saturday.  J had planned a paddle on the Androscoggin Canoe River Trail with our daughter, Ellen and her wife, Anna and now we had just one day to fit it in. Friday morning we hauled the 2 kayaks and 1 canoe up from the pond and loaded them into the truck.  Dropping Anna’s Subaru off at Newt’s landing, we headed up to  Gilead’s Bridge.  The put-in is a paved boat ramp and very easy.


We paddled for a while and then stopped for lunch at one of the many gravelly areas along the river.  It was hazy, hot and humid so we made another stop to swim but even with the 2 breaks it only took us 4 hours. 

Lunch Time

Fish Attack

Shortly after the second break, I heard a lot thump against the side of my kayak (loud enough for the others in group to hear).  I knew it wasn’t a rock, so I peered into the water and saw a small fish swimming away.  Not sure if it was a purposeful attack or a mistimed jump at an insect, but it has never happened to me previously in 40 years of fishing, canoeing and kayaking.

Take Out

The river becomes a little braided just before Newt’s Landing. Even though the take out is well marked, it behooves you, if it’s your first time, to stay on the right side of the river (facing downstream) when you get near the end.  The take out is a little steep, but there is a wooden ramp to slide your canoe or kayak up the hill.

There are no rapids and no portages so this section is suitable for any level of experience.  Both access points were well signed.  The water is clear with a pebbly bottom- good for swimming/wading. 

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