The birds at the feeders have been amazing this year. In addition to the usual finches, chickadees and cardinals, there have been orioles, 3 kinds of woodpeckers and even a red breasted grosbeak. A bluebird has also been hanging out, but not at the feeders.

Its interesting to observe the various bird behaviors. Some birds will eat together, while others demand the feeder to themselves and chase others away. Bob Lorentson has written two very humorous and interesting articles on bird behavior. They will be in his forthcoming book “Hold the Apocalypse – Pass Me a Scientist Please.” For further information and other humorous articles on a variety of topics, check his website,

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  1. I agree, the birds have been fun to watch this year. Our mimosa tree is starting to flower, and already the hummingbirds are zooming around it like crazy. This also means I can probably expect our annual flock of cedar waxwings to make it their home for a couple weeks fairly soon, and they are a hoot to watch. Real party animals. (Thanks for the plug.)

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