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Sunday River

Set up at Barker on Thursday and skied White Cap, Locke and Barker Mountains, Then the artic cold trapped us inside for a few days. Yesterday we set up at South Ridge Lodge and skied Aurora and Jordan. All the runs were in great condition, some of the runs off Oz were even open.. The new Jordan 8 lift is amazeballs. Billed as the fastest chairlift in North America, it allegedly reaches a speed of 12 miles per hour and gets you to the top in 5 minutes. Not quite as fast as a train, but I spent way more time coming down than going up and was exhausted after 4 runs. With heated seats and a wind screen, the Jordan Bowl runs will soon be the most crowded.

Witt Swamp Hike

A nice 4 mile hike around Witt Swamp Preserve in Norway

McCoy-Gray Birch Back Country Trail

Took the back country skis out for a 4 mile ride. One hot chocolate disaster and an epic wipeout by Janet.

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