About Us

“Travel is the best way we have of rescuing the humanity of places and saving them from abstraction and ideology.”

Pico Iyer

Janet is the trip planner. She researches flights, hotels and sights and makes the itinerary. Dennis is the chronicler of the trips. He keeps journals, takes pictures and writes the blogs and articles. It is whispered that she likes the planning better than the trip. It is also whispered that he likes the writing better than the trip. Neither is true.

She is a perfectionist. He believes that 95% is close enough. She is happiest with a map in her hand knowing where she is on the face of the world. He is just as happy to be lost, hoping for a new discovery. Somehow it all works. Maybe, because in the end they know its all about the trip and stepping out side your comfort zone.

About this Site

Destinations are chronological photo journals of our trips. If inspiration strikes, I will write a proper article about a trip or specific incident. Some of these can be found under the My Articles section. Others have been submitted to various journals for publication and will not appear on this site until they have been accepted or rejected as the case may be.

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