The Galapagos

First day- Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island

We visited the lava tunnels and learned about the different types of land tortoises and the conservation efforts to preserve them at the Charles Darwin Center. The second day we took a catamaran up to Isla Bartholome and Sullivan Bay on the east side of Santiago Island to see Pinnacle Rock, snorkel and hike.

Day 2 – Took a 2 hour speed boat to Puerto Villamil on Isabela Island. Hiked to Sierra Negra and Volcan Chico. The caldera is 6.2 miles across and 656 deep. After the 9 mile hike ended we rode bikes out towards the Wall of Tears.

Snorkel trip to Los Tuneles (aka Cabo Rosa)

Back to Puerto Ayora for 2 days. Hiked out to Tortuga Bay (twice) and ate lobster and ceviche at Calle Charles Binford, where they block off the street and night and move dining tables into it

This is a quick over view. For a detailed article on the trip see Boomers Bucket List.

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