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This is a non commercial site. There is no sponsored content and I don’t get paid for clicks. These are all services we have used and places we have stayed.

Tour Companies

We have used Julio Verne on multiple occasions and they have always exceeded expectations. We did the Quilotoa Trek, the Volcano Circuit Trek, Hidden Valleys Bike Ride, Ingapirca Trek and Galapagos Multisport Tour. The equipment is top notch and the guides are professional. Popkje knows what you need before you do and has it ready. They are easy to communicate with and will take groups as small as two.

Andina Travel- Cusco, Peru

We used Andina for our trek to Machu Picchu via the Salkantay Trail. The equipment was excellent and the guide was knowledgeable. I would recommend them.



We tend to use VRBO for longer trips when we have specific requirements such as oceanfront or slopeside. Their filters are excellent and you can hone in on a place quickly.


We use this site for shorter trips when we don’t have specific requirements. You get to stay in amazing locations for reasonable prices. We find the kitchens to be better supplied than those in VRBO.

We use this site when looking for motel type of rooms, i.e. no kitchen facilities.

  • Check both VRBO and Airbnb for the same listing. Often the base price will vary.
  • Check the various fees each site adds on for a true comparison



So far, the only car rental company I can actually recommend. We used them in Spain. Pick up was easy, they didn’t try to oversell us and drop off at the airport even easier.

Bike Rental

Eat Sleep Cycle – Girona

Great bikes, great price and great service.


To reduce your carbon footprint, I have found the following sites useful.

This one has a variety of projects you can invest in at various costs.

While this one has a specific calculator for flights.

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